World Profit Association

World Profit Association says you may have your own website  this  is  true.  Or  in reality you may to choose one of the many websites that they offer you. With World Profit Association you get free  18 up graded traffic safelist exchanges. These up grades would cost anywhere from $ 97.00 to $ 179.00 each. World Profit Association cost $ 100.00 to join.  Every  month  after  you  pay  $ 100.00  World Profit Association also includes different types of rotaters that hold up to 5 different links on each one  for  one  year and can be changed anytime. One small problem the rotaters all promote to the 18 traffic safelist exchanges. This way it is the same traffic seeing your ads over and over. With a system like this it gives you leads which you have to call the leads and ask the lead to join your business. As we know it is not leads we want but rather sales.


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