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Click Bank Passive Income started with CB Passive Income 1.0 then 2.0 then 3.0 then 4.0 finally 5.0 With CB Passive Income you get a free funnel for 14 days. Then you have to buy within those 14 days different softwear that cost $ 37.00 a month. Then teachs you how to use the softwear to get you on the first page of Google. Also teachs you how to pick what products that are in the right niche on Amazon that are selling at different times of the year. Still with a system like this you need traffic. Click Bank has it’s own traffic for those who are using Click Bank Passive Income. You can also use top tier # 1 traffic. You also pay a monthly fee for using Click Bank Passive Income. A system like this takes up a lot of your time on the computer. It is like you were at a nine to five job.

Another progam is Click Bank ProADs this works by you buying a Click Bank Store Front. Click Bank has a number of different choices for these Click Bank Store Fronts. These are Click Bank Rotator. Then Affiliate Click Bank Store Fronts. After Affiliate Click Bank Niche Store Fronts. After Click Bank Word Press Pug-ins for Click Bank Affilate Store Front. After Click Bank Niche Store Front with Click Bank ProAds.

You can have Click Bank account of anyone of the above. With a Word Press Website. Then a WordPress Blog. This is for putting what you are selling to have a blog to drive more traffic to your Click Bank Store Front options to make more sales.

Then there is Click Bank University 1.0 then 2.0 where they teach you about Click Bank and how it operates. So you where and how to start. And this system is $ 47.00 a month.

Click  Bank  has  started  webinars  where  marketers  can  earn  up  to  a  thousand  dollars  or  more  depending  how  many  customers  buy  from  the  webinar. 

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Gives the different ways of and Shopify