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Welcome back this is going to take you for a long read not only once but three or four times. This is so for you to digest all the information in this website. We will start with what you need to become an affiliate promoting Computer Digital Product. The  first  thing  an  affiliate  needs  is  an  autoresponder  to  place  an  opt-in  form  onn  his  website  then  to  pass  through  traffic  to  get  people  to  join  his  email  list. Computer Digital Products can be found at the next four companies on the internet. They are Click Bank, Click Better, Worriers Plus and JVZoo. These four companies have products that are free for you to promote. If you selling a product in a niche and you make a sale the company gives you a 70 % of the sale and the vendor who placed the computer digital product on the companies line takes 30 % of the sale. This veries from company to company and in the niche of the product you sell.

All of the four companies above have you create an account with them. In this set-up the company ask you to choose a user name. This user name is to be coded in to the link that the company gives you for the Computer Digital Product that you are going to promote. It is wise to use the same user name for all four companies as it makes it easier for the companies to pay you. It also is easier for you when you are filling in the affiliate links with your user name as you know that no one else has that user name but you with each of the four different companies.

Now before you choose a Computer Digital Product you should try and choose a product that has a Landing Page that acts as a funnel that ask for the clients name and email address. The reason you want to collect the clients name and email address is to have them transported to your email list which is on your autoresponder. You may ask the question why. The answer is simple if you make one sale there is no possibilty of another sale through the same customer. Once the customer is on your email list there are chances of other computer ditgital products that you can sell to the same customer.

There are many different autoresponders Get Response, Send Lane, SendinBlue, Traffic Wave, Aweber. There are others that I can not recall now.  The  autoresponder  is  to  gather  names  and  email  address  that  have  to  be  sent  through  traffic  so  the  client  has  to  choice  if  they  want  to  hear  from  you  by  entering  their  name  and  email  address.

The  autoresponder;s  that  I  use  are  Aweber  plus  Traffic  Wave 

Now you have a sales page and  autoresponders all that is missing is traffic. Now traffic in computer language refers to potiental customers. There is only one type of traffic you should use that is Top Tier Traffic # 1 as it converts traffic at a higher opt-in rate as well as making more sales. All the four companies that supply computer digital products have their own traffic. Like Click Bank & Click Better as examples.

If you just want to build an Email List you can run the links below as the websites are free. This means no credit card required. Then you can run the websites through traffic this will cost you money for traffic. Then if you monatize your website there is a chance you will make money.

Traffic cost on the average $ 0.01 per click or $ 0.50 even $ 1.00 The traffic at $ 1.00 Traffic at $ 0.01 on a list of a 1,000 is going to have less opt-ins than traffic at $ 1.00 Only 30 % open the email and out of that 30 % only 3 % buy. To give you an example we will compare a list of a 1,000 and another of list 5,000 At a $ 1.00 a click a list of 1,000 is going to cost you $ 1,000.00 30 % of 1,000 = 300 will open out of the 300 3 % will buy that means 9 sales. 9 Sales of a $ 100.00 = $ 900.00. Now on a list of 5,000 the traffic at a $ 1.00 a click is going to cost you $ 5,000.00 30 % of 5,000 will open. 30 % of 5,000 = 1,500 out of that 3 % will buy that means 45 sales. 45 sales of a $ 100.00 = $ 4,500

Traffic at $ 0.50 on a list of a 1,000 and 5,000 On a list of 1,000 cost $ 500.00 30 % of 1,000 will open that comes to 300 opt-ins and out of that 3 % will buy. That means 9 will buy. On a sale of a $ 100.00 computer digital product comes to $ 900.00 minus the $ 500.00 it cost you for the traffic so you made $ 400.00 On a list of 5,000 the traffic cost you $ 2,500.00 Now there will be 30 % that open which comes to 1,500 opt-ins and 3 % buy that is 45 customers at a $ 100.00 computer digital product comes $ 4,500.00 minus $ 2,500.00 means you made a profit of $ 2,000.00

Even if you buy traffic at a $ 1.00 per click for a list of a 1,000 would cost you a $ 1,000.00 and with the 30 % opening and the 3 % buying a $ 100.00 comes to $ 900.00 $ 900.00 from a $ 1,000.00 leaves a lost of a $ 100.00 Not so the 300 opt-ins through the autoresponder become your email list that you could market to them computer digital products. And does not cost you any money as your email list is your own. 30 % of the 300 opt-ins means 30 will open and 3 will buy. Try this everyday and you will make up that $ 100.00 lost and even gain more. The same thing goes for a list of 5,000

The three above paragraphes are exmaples of what is possible money wise and is no promise that you are going to make any money at all.

One place you do not look for traffic is on the traffic exchanges as you will lose a pile of money. Traffic Exchanges is for marketers that do not want to put money out on advertising. Therefore the responce is poor.

The  traffic  that  I  use  is  Udimi   link

Of the top 8 % they are the Guru’s that create the Computer Digitals Products on the four companies that carry their products. The Guru’s will give you a story how they were poor and then how their luck changed. The affiliate makes sales gets money and builds his email list on his autoresponder. To give an example afiliates make sales each of a $ 100.00 with more sales makes more money. The individual affiliate makes at 75 % which means the affiliate earns more money with more sales. This is done by the affiliate using more traffic. Then the more affiliates promoting the Guru’ computer digital product the more money the Guru’s makes. Then Guru gets the other 25 % form all the affiliates promoting his product which means the Guru can create new programs to promote other Computer Digital Products for other affiliates to market and make him more money.

Some of the affiliates which make up the lower 4 % of the top 8 % become successful in earning money on line but not as much as the Guru’s. The secret that those successful affiliates are those that check the price of the funnel and the price of the traffic. Then take in the account how much traffic that is need to pay for the two above and make a profit. As well as the percentage of opt-ins Then the affiliate who has an email list and is marketing to his email list computer digital products must that into account how much money can be made by sending the computer digital product through the size of his email list. The affiliate must realize that his email list is his own personal traffic and belongs to him only. Once a customer is on his email list the affiliate does not have to pay for his own personal traffic again.

Below are listed some of the funnels that I use. That means when you click on one of the links and you enter your name and your email address you go on to my email list. It does not stop there. As soon as you do this you will get one of the funnels links. For you to put through traffic plus starting to build your own email list. Once you montize your funnel website you may start making extra money while growing your email list at the same time.

Hardcore Funnels

Hardcore Funnels 2.0

My Funnel Empire

On all of the above links contain a website called cash blurbs which you only join once. The one time you join covers all of the links. Link

When you join a business you are supplied a link coded to you. You can send that link through traffic. And that link is your business landing page for you to start building an email list and to sell your computer digital products to your email list. A blog is to explain your business rather than just putting your link through traffic. The blog has your business link and a link of it’s own. Then you put the blog link through traffic containg your business link. It acts as as back up to your regular business link.

All the five sections of this website are on wordpress. Which covers 1/3 of all websites on the internet. The link is

The  two  optin  links  of  the  autoresponders  that  I  use  I  am  an  Affiliate  of  also.  Here  is  the  affiliate  link  of  Aweber  link 

  On the next part of this website you will be able to read about the basic’s about Click Bank Passive Income and some of it’s different programs


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